Friday, July 27, 2012

Bermudagrass...Better than Advertised For Summer Practice!

There’s always a little apprehension when you’re the first one to try something new.  So, even though the research told us that the use of Bermudagrass on the lower practice tee was the way to go, we had our fingers crossed this spring as we waited for it to green-up.  However, after putting it to the test during the past couple of months, we can say that the wait was worth it, and the Bermudagrass is living up to its reputation. 

There are several benefits to this grass when compared to the cool season grass on the upper tee.  First, and foremost, the Bermudagrass loves the hot weather...and we’ve certainly had plenty of that this summer.  Secondly, in contrast to the upper tee, the Bermudagrass tee takes nothing more than the sand divot mix to fill in the divots.  Lastly, Bermudagrass isn’t susceptible to many of the turf diseases that cool season grasses are.  To date, only one fungicide application has been made to the lower tee all season.

As we enter August, it’s great to still have some quality turf for members to hit from on the upper tee as well.  Clearly, the Bermudagrass has helped us here, by taking the majority of use during the week.  By only using the upper tee a couple of days each week, we’re able to give that cool season turf more time to recover.

The question you might be asking is, if this Bermudagrass is so great, why don’t we use it on the upper tee as well?  There are a couple of reasons why we are limited to using Bermudagrass on the lower tee.  While this turf thrives in the heat of the summer, it won’t recover from heavy use in the spring and fall.  Secondly, while this variety of Bermudagrass is cold tolerant, it can be hurt by shade, and this would be a problem for the upper tee during the winter months.

The upper tee’s cool season grasses will do best in spring and fall, so come October, we will reverse the use pattern, and hit the majority of balls from the upper tee.

So for trying something new, Bermudagrass was the way to go for great summer practice… living up to its reputation and even better than advertised for summer practice.
Conversion to Bermudagrass on the lower tee has benefited the upper tee as well.

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