Friday, July 20, 2012

Backing Off...Slightly

When the temperatures are below 85 degrees, we can push the greens further.   Double cutting greens and irrigating less to keep the greens firm and fast can be done safely with moderate weather conditions.  But, as the temperatures and humidity keep climbing, it's time to back least slightly.

We are still mowing the greens seven days per week, rolling them six days, and closely monitoring conditions to push things when we can.  However, this summer has already had more than its share of 90+ degree days, and we're still in July. 

Cool season turf has the shortest root system of the entire year in the month of August, so we need to keep the turf going for the next six weeks, until we start to get some consistently cooler days and nights.

This week we came close to 100 degrees, and under these extreme temperatures, the highly maintained turf can lose its ability to function just as people do.  Despite this, we were still able to provide an average green speed of 10' 7" on Wednesday and Thursday.
Cooler temperatures and rain at the end of the week provided some relief, but brought with it a new set of issues, since mowing wet greens can lead to scalping and the unappetizing "grass soup."

Mowing wet greens can cause mechanical injury to the turf.

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