Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Those Dirty Rings..."

Several of the greens have dark rings on them, caused by Fairy Ring disease.  These fungi are from the Basidiomycetes class, of which there are over 300 different types.  There can be several visible signs of the fungi at work:  a dark green circle caused by a release of nitrogen in the soil, mushrooms may form on the turf surface, or the fungi may damage the turf roots causing the perimeter of the ring to turn brown. 

Fungicides labeled for the control of this fungus have been applied.  However, these rings are persistent, and with the low fertility regimen we have the greens on this year, the rings really stand out.

While the rings aren't necessarily just around the collar, maybe we should consider trying some "Wisk":

Dark green rings caused by Fairy Ring disease.


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