Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Quick Healer

Not to beat the subject to death, but take a look at how fast the Bermudagrass fills in.  The picture on top was taken the day after the divots were created, and the picture below is the same area just 14 days later.  The only thing we have to do with the Bermudagrass tee, is to fill in the divots with a sand mix, and level off the area. 

In contrast to this, the upper tee's turf takes a whole lot more work to maintain.  The divot mix used up top includes: sand mix, pennmulch, fertilizer, seed, and dye.  All of these ingredients are carefully measured and put into a cement mixer.  If that wasn't enough, we also use a tractor-mounted seeder on the upper tee weekly, and have been hand-watering it daily to encourage seed germination.

In a tough summer like this, it's nice to have a small piece of the course that is relatively easy to maintain.
The fresh divots.

The same spot 14 days later.

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