Friday, May 2, 2014

Using Forsythia as a Forecaster

The Annual Bluegrass Weevil is probably the most troublesome insects pest we have to deal with.  One approach to managing these little turf eaters is to target the adults in the spring as they move from their over-wintering sites, and prior to egg-laying.

There are several tools we use to track their movements, including the PVC pitfall traps located around the course, soap flushes to bring them to the surface, and on-line assistance from other area courses who are monitoring weevils. 

One additional method we use is a phenological indicator.  Typically, when Forsythia are half gold-half green, adult weevils are on the move.  So, if it's been cold, and Forsythia bloom is late, so too will the weevil movement.  Conversely, if we've had a warm early spring and the flowers are blooming early, it's generally safe to assume that weevils will be ahead of schedule.
Looks like it may time to go on the warpath for weevils.

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