Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Day at the Beach

Three weeks ago, we began prepping the bunkers for the Matrix bunker liner.  Old sand was removed, old drain lines were cleaned and replaced, and new drainage was added where needed.  On #9 fairway bunker, over 400 feet of additional drainage was added.
With 15 feet of elevation change in this bunker, good drainage beneath the asphalt is a key to preventing sand from moving during heavy rains.

Last week, we completed the installation of the porous asphalt liner on four bunkers.  That left the mere task of placing 360 tons of sand in these bunkers.  
#9 prepped with new drainage, prior to asphalt installation.

The two bunkers on #17 are finished, as is the greenside bunker on #10.  This leaves only the fairway bunker on #9.  However, at 11,000 square feet,  this bunker will take over 400,000 pounds of sand.

#9, asphalt completed.  50 tons of sand installed...and counting.

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