Friday, May 23, 2014

Solid Tining Fairways

A few times during the year, we use our heaviest aerifier, equipped with solid tines, to aerify the fairways.  There are several benefits this machine provides.

First, the solid tines create a much deeper hole than a conventional core aerifier--up to 8" in depth.  This solid tine helps to fracture the compacted soil, creating channels for root growth and water infiltration. 

Once the surface dries out, water often times just runs off, and the soil is very difficult to re-wet.  The solid tine holes allow the water to move down from the surface, then laterally, helping to keep a firmer surface, while getting the water where it needs to go.

While you might expect the surface disruption from this large piece of equipment to be a problem, once mowed, the fairway is back in good shape.  Typically, in two to three days, you'd have to look very closely to even see the holes.

#1 fairway being aerified with solid tines.


#1 fairway,  four hours later, after being cut.

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