Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Cleanup on the Course

Hurricane Sandy made quite a mess on the golf course, however it could have been much worse.  While there was some tree work, for the most part, we only had to deal with a lot of small branches, leaves, and washed out bunkers. 

It came as a surprise to some people, but one of the highest priorities after the storm was to get the greens mowed.  Why was this urgent?  Well, after last week's aerification, we applied liquid fertilizer to get the greens growing and help fill the holes in.  With the hurricane, we obviously couldn't cut the greens on Monday, but we didn't want to  let two days pass without mowing them, as this could set back the recovery from aerification.  So, when we arrived Tuesday morning, we blew off the debris and mowed the greens. 

About half the golf course crew was able to make it in on Tuesday to begin the cleanup.  For some, this meant leaving the cleanup at their home until later, and their efforts on behalf of the Club are certainly appreciated.

A large cherry tree came down on the left side of #15.
Several holes, such as #10, were littered with debris.
Another cherry tree landed in the bunker on #16.

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