Friday, November 16, 2012

The Big Blowout

One of the sure signs that things are winding down for the golf season is our annual irrigation system winterizing.  Similar to a home lawn system, we use compressed air to purge the water from the piping, in order to avoid possible damage from system components freezing over the winter.

However, for the golf course, things are done on a much larger scale.  With close to 20 miles of 2" pipe, and five miles of larger main line pipe to empty, a very large compressor is rented.  The course itself is blown out in two halves, where we hook the compressor to the pump station at #5 green, and the station near #9 tee.  In addition to the golf course, we also winterize the club grounds irrigation system, the tennis courts, the cabana building, and the community entrance islands.

This 750 CFM compressor is almost larger than our dump truck.

In years past, it always seemed to be the coldest day of the fall when we'd winterize the system.  Often times the combination of air and water acts like a snow making machine, and having that mist blow on you all day isn't too fun.  Fortunately, this past Monday's weather was a pleasant change, with temperatures close to 70.

The mist from sprinklers on #5 as the system is blown out.

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