Friday, October 26, 2012

Going it Alone

The past couple of summers we dealt with a number of turf issues on the practice tees that led to something less than great grass to hit from by late summer.  This year, we converted the lower practice tee to the heat-loving Bermudagrass with great success, providing quality turf throughout the season...even in August.

However, the downside to using Bermudagrass in this region is that it is only actively growing about five months out of the year, from mid-May to mid-October. This year we stretched the lower tee's use as long as possible, but with a very heavy frost on Saturday, October 13, it was time to shut the lower tee down.

 So now the upper tee has to go it alone.  Unlike other years, the upper tee will shoulder the full burden for the rest of the season.  This includes the challenge of getting seed to germinate as we get into the cooler temperatures of November.  Can it live up to the challenge?  With the upper tee open for five more weeks, and many a divot yet to be taken, we'll be working with (and sometime fighting against) Mother Nature to make sure the upper tee is a turf winner through Thanksgiving.

With the lower, Bermudagrass tee closed for the season, the upper tee will go it alone.

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