Friday, August 17, 2012

Greens Aerification Update

We aerified the greens at the beginning of the week using the 1/4" tines, and by operating the aerifiers at their slowest speed, we were able to create 81 holes per square foot.  While this may sound like a lot, given the tiny size of the holes, less than 3% of the surface is actually being cored.  Here's the math:

.125 X .125 X 3.14 = .049 X 81 = 3.974/144 = 2.76%

These tines help to provide some much needed stress relief for the greens after a long hot summer.  However, with the USGA recommending that 15-20% of a green's surface be disturbed annually by aerification or deep verticutting,  slightly larger tines will be used in October to impact a greater percentage of the surface.
Just four days after aerification, the greens are healing nicely.

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