Sunday, January 15, 2017

The (Fantasy) Capital Equipment Budget

Thanks to sound long-term planning, we have been able to keep the Club's equipment fleet updated regularly, and take advantage of new, emerging technology in golf course management.

However, we now find that there are a few key pieces of "turf management" equipment which we have yet to acquire.  These would clearly be an invaluable asset to the golf course operation, as the uses are practically limitless.

For example, it's a safe bet that geese aren't going to just paddle away from the Gibbs Biski Amphibious Motorcycle.  You drive in the water, and right back out.

Then there's Bubba's Hovercraft.  You may just think of this as a replacement for a golf cart, but when there's work to be done on the course, and it's too wet (or there's too much snow) to be driving utility vehicles, how do you get on site?  You use a hovercraft, of course.

Lastly, there are times when we need to get from one part of the golf course to another in a hurry.   This could be an irrigation issue, a hydraulic leak, or a medical emergency--there's no time to waste.  How do we do this?  A drone isn't going to get you there.  You need a jetpack!

With Bubba's Jetpack, we can monitor course conditions, keep an eye on pace of play, and make sure team members are accomplishing their tasks.

As you can see, there are plenty of toys...uh, critical pieces of equipment we are lacking--and likely will be for a long time...

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