Sunday, January 22, 2017


Rarely does a season pass by when we don't find ourselves taking on a new and challenging project.  Most recently, the Clubhouse renovation and expansion means that the irrigation controller located outside the Pro Shop needed to be relocated.

While this may not sound like a big deal, when you consider how many wires merge at this box, getting everything to a new location took some planning.  The wiring includes 32 zone control wires from all over the Clubhouse grounds, a common wire, a 120 volt power supply wire, and a communication cable which comes from the golf course maintenance building.

When it comes time to relocate an irrigation controller, one option is to unbolt the box, frame and pour a pad of concrete at the new location.  Of course, there is another option--carefully dig up the whole thing and move it.

Irrigation wires weren't the only pieces of infrastructure exiting the Clubhouse on the side.  A fiber optic cable which runs to the Cabana and golf course maintenance building, and the 480 volt fan power wires also needed to be moved.

Buster keeps an eye on things as conduit is installed behind the Clubhouse.

Just a few of the wires which will need to be relocated.
With a number of obstacles to cross (such as landscape lighting, irrigation pipes, and drain lines) almost all of the digging was done by hand.  Fortunately, the temperatures have been mild, and the sandy soil around the Clubhouse made for easy trenching.  The team did a great job in getting this project knocked out, so we'll be ready to go when spring comes.

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