Friday, July 25, 2014

Practice Tee

With less than one week remaining in July, it's fair to say that the practice tees are in the best shape we've seen in years.  The photos below show a significant difference from 2011 to 2014.  While this summer's weather has certainly helped, there are several other factors  that have contributed to the improvement.

Clearly the conversion of the lower tee to Bermudagrass has been one of the keys to better conditions in the middle of the summer.  While it may be slow to get going in the spring, the Bermudagrass thrives in the heat.

However, we've also made several changes to the upper tee as well.  The procedures of setting up and rotating the stations which were implemented over the past couple of years have made a tremendous difference.  With these policies in place, we are now able to give an area ample time to grow in before using it again.

We also continue to tweak the protocol we use on divoted areas.  This includes changes in seed rates, fertility, aerification, and hand watering. 

So as we prepare for August, we're happy to say that there is plenty of good grass to hit from. 
Upper Tee July, 2011


Upper Tee July, 2014

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