Friday, July 18, 2014

Good Plant Gone Bad

Shortly after Laurel Creek was built, a number of different ornamental grasses were planted to add some variety to the Fescue, as well as to help frame bunkers, tees, and green complexes.  Many of these have done well over the years, and require only an annual cutting in late fall. 

However, one of the ornamentals, Fountain Grass, has gone from a welcomed variety, to one that has taken over areas.  While this may not be an issue around a tee complex (such as on #7), a dense stand of Fountain Grass found on an in-play area of the course will be a problem.  If you ever flew the green on #6, you'd be much better off landing in one of the two bunkers than in the Fountain Grass that surrounds them. 

In addition to being a nasty grass to play from, Fountain Grass has the ability to persist when cut at our rough height.  This too is undesirable, as it is clumpy and coarse-textured.

In an effort to prevent Fountain Grass from becoming a bigger problem, we're aggressively trying to control some of the existing plants through the use of a selective herbicide.  Individual plants are being targeted using a hand held spray bottle.
Above, Fountain Grass plants in decline after being treated.

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