Friday, December 28, 2012

Winter Work

While things may not be quite as hectic in the winter as they are during the golf season, it doesn't mean that there isn't plenty of work to be done.  To a large extent, the tasks we're working on now are geared towards having a successful 2013 season.

One of the important jobs we can address now is to resurface the hazard stakes.  Originally, these stakes were pieces of 2" X 3" wood which had to be painted annually, and only lasted a few years, since they would eventually rot. 

However, about 10 years ago we purchased some lengths of colored recycled plastic, which we then cut into stakes.  While these are much more durable than wood, there is some fading of the surface layer from exposure to the Sun. 

But the great thing with plastic is that the color is throughout the stake, so there is a simple procedure to make them shine again.  We run the stakes through a planer every couple of years, removing a very small amount of the faded, outside material.  This reveals the shiny red material within, and best of all, there's no rotten stakes, or paint to deal with!

With hazard stakes located on 16 of our 18 holes, there are hundreds of these to be checked and made ready for next year.

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