Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Greatest Show on Turf

While many may think of the St. Louis Rams when they hear the words, "Greatest Show on Turf," for those actually working in the turf industry, it's often the annual Golf Industry Show that comes to mind.  With a fantastic combination of educational offerings and large trade show, this year's show in Orlando did not disappoint.

One seminar which we found to be extremely informative discussed the impact of spray tank water quality on application efficacy.

We often use our irrigation system as the water source for our sprayers, so this is certainly relevant to us.  While we typically focus on water pH, this class shed light on the importance of other water quality issues such as hardness and turbidity.

With 250,000 square feet of space, the trade show always has a lot to offer.  The major turf equipment manufacturers can be counted on to have large booths displaying everything from mowers to blowers to aerifiers and bunker rakes.

However, it's often at the smaller booths that we find a new product or two which can help our operation.  Here's a few examples:
Flexible irrigation repair couplings--less digging is always a bonus!
A tool which uses both air and water for quick cleaning of equipment and carts.
A greens roller which requires no trailer to transport from hole to hole.

Additionally, the show provides an opportunity to catch up with other superintendents and share some tips and tricks which are working at our golf courses.  There is a lot to take in, and we always return home with some new ideas which we can implement into our operation this golf season.

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