Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Big Blowout

The annual winterizing of the irrigation system surely marks the change of seasons.  While we typically blow out the system prior to Thanksgiving, this year we were forced to postpone the event until December.

There were two reasons for this.  First, as you have likely seen on the news, we have been way behind in precipitation for several months.  Fortunately, we finally got a good soaking rain this past week.

The second thing that made 2016 different from others, was this year's construction project on the golf course, which still had sod being installed well into mid-November.  Clearly, keeping sod alive this time of year is a whole lot easier, and requires less water, than when the project started in July.  However, once the irrigation system is shut down, we will be relying almost exclusively on rainfall to water this turf.

The golf course itself has over 20 miles of PVC and HDPE piping, so a large compressor is required to get the job of purging water from the system done quickly and efficiently.  In addition to this, we also winterize the community entrance islands' systems, the Clubhouse irrigation, the tennis courts, and the Cabana building.

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