Sunday, September 18, 2016

Course Care Tips

We need your help!  Unfortunately, even with few outside golf events lately, we continue to see a large number of unrepaired ball marks on the greens.  Fixing your ball mark should be a habit.  To this end, here are a few suggestions:
--Go to your ball mark first when walking onto the green, then go to your ball.
--Repair your ball mark and one other on each and every green.
--Make sure those you play with repair their ball marks on each and every green.

Additional information on ball mark repair from the USGA can be found here:  Ball Mark Repair Quiz

Below are some step by step instructions:

In addition to unrepaired ball marks, as more players opt to wear shorts from early spring to late fall, we are seeing another turf problem:

What killed the grass, while leaving two spots unharmed?  No, this problem wasn't caused by some new turf disease.  Here's a clue:
In prior years there would have only been one cause we could point to:  Insect repellent applied while standing over turf.  However, some of today's aerosol, spray-on sun screen products also use alcohol or butane as propellants, and can do the same damage to the grass.  Please try to apply these products when standing on a cart path.

Your help with these issues will be appreciated by all!

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