Sunday, July 31, 2016

Big Time Busy

This time of year always has its challenges--the weather is more unpredictable than ever, turf roots are dwindling, and we are trying to prepare for August's aerification.

In addition to this, the implementation of the Golf Course  Master Plan commenced this past week, with work starting on #8 green complex, and mounding on #15 landing area.  As luck would have it, as soon as construction started, so did the rain, with the golf course receiving 3.4" of rain from Tuesday through Friday (and additional rain on Saturday and Sunday).

Despite the uncooperative weather, the team from Mottin Golf made great progress on the bunker complex around #8 green, as well as the mounding on #15.  Barring any further issues this coming week, these two areas will be completed.

Some photos showing the quick transition on #8:
Monday morning, architect Andrew Green looks on as the work commences.
By Monday afternoon things had changed dramatically.
Thursday afternoon and the shaping was nearly complete.

As the Master Plan shows, on #8 green, one of the major changes is eliminating the large bunker left of the green which rarely came into play.  The new green complex will still have three bunkers, and although they are much smaller in square footage than the old bunkers, their proximity to the green will likely make them every bit as challenging to avoid.

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