Sunday, May 22, 2016

Finer Fescue

We've already received some positive comments regarding the playability of the Fescue.  For the second year, we added a spring mowing to these areas, which will help to set us up well as we enter the summer.  Mowing helps thin the stand and allows us to address weed issues early.

Use of selective herbicides in these areas has also been increased.  One product in particular is doing an outstanding job of removing undesirable grasses, while leaving the fine Fescues untouched.  After the first application of this product along the right of #16, there was quite a contrast between the treated and untreated areas.
Treated portion to the left, and untreated to the right.
If used carefully, this selective herbicide can make a dense, unplayable area a bit more friendly.
A treated area to the right of #10 green.

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