Sunday, April 10, 2016

Making the Most of Mischievous Mother Nature

With morning temperatures in the 20's this week, it's difficult to believe that April started off with a high temperature of 80.  However, as always, we try to roll with the punches that Mother Nature throws at us.

The cool down this past week meant little play, and little grass to cut, giving us an opportunity to aerify the tees.

When it come to aerification, many hands may not make light work, but they do let us get the job done quickly and efficiently.  Once the aerifier finishes a tee, the cleanup crew removes the plugs, and blows any remaining debris off the tees.  The topdresser is right behind them, applying sand to the rear tee.  This will be followed by a drag broom which works the sand into the holes.

Another great job by the crew, and one  more item we can check off the lengthy springtime "to-do" list!

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