Sunday, January 10, 2016

Wild and Wacky Weather

Whether you're a believer in global warming or not, it's hard to deny that we've experienced some very unusual weather recently. 

Last February was bitterly cold, with temperatures averaging 10 degrees below average for the month.  However, this was more than offset by December, where we were close to 14 degrees above average.  There was definitely no white Christmas this year, with a high temperature of 71 degrees on Christmas Eve!
Only one day in December had below average temperatures.
People often ask what affect weather like this will have on the golf course.  Without a crystal ball to see what future weather anomalies we're likely to experience this winter and spring, it's tough to know if there will be any long-term issues.  However, we're already seeing some unusual results of this record warmth.  Let's talk Poa...

In order to reduce the wave of Poa Annua seedheads on the greens in the spring (and the bumpiness that comes with them) we apply a combination of growth regulators.  The timing of these sprays is based on a growing degree model, which we start in the beginning of January.  Historically, the degree threshold is reached in late March or early April, prior to seeing Poa seeds on the green, and the first application is made then. 
A degree day model is used for Poa seedhead suppression spray.
So, what's this got to do with the weather we've seen of late?  Well, it's early January, and we're finding Poa Annua in seed on the greens. 

One other strange sight for January is seen below:
January 8, and still mowing greens!

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