Friday, November 13, 2015

A Shady Deal

Last week's USGA Green Section Record focused heavily on the impact of trees on a golf course.  The northeast regional update noted:
  • Sun angles change throughout the year. With the winter solstice a little more than a month away, take note of trees that are now shading your turf. Fall sunlight is critical to the hardening process and some trees weren’t causing shade problems a month or two ago. Turf that is shaded in the fall is weaker entering winter, essentially guaranteeing that it also will emerge from winter in a weakened state.

The putting green by #1 tee has several issues, including its size and drainage problems.  However, one of the greatest challenges this green faces is the growing environment.  The picture below was taken on Monday, November 9, a full six weeks before the winter solstice:

With 2/3 to 3/4 of the green in the shade, you might think this picture was taken in early morning or late afternoon.  The unfortunate truth is that it was taken at 12:30 PM.  Last winter was tough on all of the grass, but we had only one green which actually suffered turf loss and had to be reseeded:  The putting green.

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