Saturday, September 12, 2015

Holy Hydrophobic!

It often surprises people to see us hand watering following a rain event.  Last Thursday, after three plus weeks of no precipitation, we received 1.75" of rain over a 24 hour period.  Unlike thunderstorms, where much of the water runs off, you might think that Thursday's slow rain would have evenly soaked the soil profile.

However, after this extended dry period, areas often become hydrophobic.  Literally, this means water-fearing.  But in turf terms, when we say hydrophobic, we are referring to soils which are water repellent.  If you've ever let a house plant dry too much, you've likely witnessed water running off, instead of soaking in.

The picture below is from #7 approach after Thursday's rain.  That is still some very hard, dry, crumbly soil!

The next time you see us watering after rain, you'll know why.

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