Friday, May 1, 2015

Lean Greens

We've received a good deal of positive comments regarding the greens this spring.  A second application of plant growth regulators was made this week, in an effort to reduce the severity of Poa Annua seedhead formation, and the bumpiness which is associated with Poa seeds.

The greens have also been kept on a strict diet thus far, and like a competitive athlete, are looking "lean."  We obviously keep close track of what has been applied to the greens.  However, sometimes it's tough to judge just how stingy we've been with greens fertility, until you see an area that actually received some fertilizer.

Often times on greens, this contrast can be seen following a bird's deposit.  Currently though, we're seeing some speckling where a few prills of the fertilizer used in the Bluegrass surrounds got onto the greens.

A few speckles of green caused by fertilizer.

Of course, another indicator of how lean the greens are is the clipping yield from the mowers.
Not much grass from mowing an acre of greens!


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