Friday, April 10, 2015

Winter Injury

The good news is that 99.9% of the green surfaces made it through this brutal winter without any lasting injury.  However, we're now seeing that 0.1% wasn't so fortunate.  The putting green at #1 tee has a low area where ice formed, and the Poa in this location didn't fare well under these conditions.
In order to help recovery, we have aerified, seeded, topdressed, and rolled this area.
The Bentgrass is green and healthy, having survived the winter much better than the Poa Annua.
Why was this the sole spot to have turf loss?  Ice is the short answer, but this green has other challenges which may have predisposed it to weakened grass, including growing environment, size, traffic volume and drainage.  We will monitor this area closely and take additional steps as warranted to aid in recovery. 

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