Friday, October 3, 2014

On the Level

After 25 years of filling divots, the large tee on #3 had developed quite a hump in the middle of it.  It may be hard to believe, but from one small scoop of divot mix at a time, there was actually a 4" rise and fall in the area of the Medal tee monument!
The hump on #3 tee could be seen from the cart path below.

Clearly it was time to re-level this tee.  This week, we stripped the existing sod from the tee, then aerified multiple times to loosen the mix.
Prepping the surface for re-grading.

We then had a contractor come in with a laser level grading box.  Once the material was redistributed, the perimeter of the tee was sodded, and then it was time for seeding.

The tractor mounted grading box.
By next spring, we will be able to put the newly leveled tee to use.  For the remainder of the season, we will be using the alternate left tee, and the forward tee on #3.  Please take care to walk around the seeded tee, and not across it.

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