Friday, August 8, 2014

Thanks, George

Last week, one of our long time employees, George Raff, passed away.  George worked the past 14 years at Laurel Creek. 

During the growing season, George's primary job was mowing rough.  In that capacity,  George operated our largest and loudest piece of mowing equipment.  Yet, in all of the years he worked here, we never received a single complaint that he was disturbing anyone during their round.

If you think back, and can't really recall seeing George mowing the rough, he would undoubtedly be proud.  George knew what areas grow faster than others, and how to avoid play while still being productive. 

He truly did an amazing job of reducing the amount of hand work that needs to be done thanks to his ability to operate the mower with surgical precision.  By efficiently managing his time, and being able to work unsupervised, George was a tremendous asset to the Club, and from both a personal and professional level, he will be sorely missed.

George possessed a rare combination of great work ethic, dedication and professionalism.  For all you gave to the Club, George, we say, "Thank you."

George, striping the left side of #1.

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