Friday, June 20, 2014

A Magic Magnet?

At the annual Golf Industry Show, there are always a number of new products on display.  One that caught our eye this year was a magnet used for hand-watering. 

Here's what the manufacturer claims the in-line magnet does:

* Increased water infiltration and moisture retention in soil due to washing out of salts by 300%
* Reverse scale in irrigation pipes & sprinklers without chemicals or acid wash
* Less chemicals due to increased solubility and disolveability
* Soften water without chemicals, energy, or maintenance
* Realign and restore soil pH towards neutral
* Increased water flow with same pressure
* Increased fertilizer and input efficiency
* Improved color and uniformity
* 10-30% less water
* 10% less energy
* Healthier turf

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?  Well, we weren't quite ready to purchase a whole set of these, but after speaking to some folks who have used these magnets, we went ahead and acquired one.  Our head hand watering expert, Joe Honnig, is putting it to the test this summer.  Based on his initial observations, Joe is a believer that the magnet is helping to achieve improved water infiltration in the soil.
We're looking to do some more testing, using water treated by the magnet, next to an area with untreated water, and we'll pass along the results.  If the product truly lives up to its claims, we'll definitely purchase more hose-end magnets, and possibly consider installing much larger in-line magnets in the irrigation pumping stations. 

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