Friday, February 21, 2014

Fully Equipped

One of the most important projects that takes place during the winter is the servicing of the golf course maintenance equipment for the upcoming season.  In a few cases, this may simply involve the "Jiffy Lube" treatment, where the machine has its fluids changed and it is greased.  Of course for mowers, their winter will definitely include having the reels ground and bedknives replaced.  However, with other pieces of equipment, the work is closer to a complete overhaul, and may include replacing bearings, seals, gaskets, cables, belts, hoses, bushings, and brakes.

With an equipment inventory of over $1.2 million, we are fortunate to have an experienced and conscientious mechanic, Joseph Ferman, in charge of maintaining the fleet.  His hard work now will have us ready to go when Mother Nature finally decides to drop the green flag this spring. 
Joseph is inspecting the vibratory greens rollers.

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