Friday, December 13, 2013

Planning Time

We are often asked, "What do you do in the winter?"  Typically, there are a number of outdoor projects which we undertake this time of year, including drainage, bunker work, sodding, pruning, and even  replacing bridge decking.

However, one of the most important winter projects we tackle takes place indoors.  This is the detailed operational planning for the upcoming year.  We will review prior years' procedures, look at what worked well, areas that need improvement, and make adjustments going forward.

One of the best sources of information we have for planning, comes from attending turf conferences such as the New Jersey Green Expo, which was held this week.  University researchers from as far away as North Carolina, Michigan, and Rhode Island presented information to attendees this year.  Some of the topics they covered included management of Fine Fescue areas, Bacterial Wilt on putting greens, and control options for the Annual Bluegrass Weevil.

Having the opportunity to discuss these important subjects with the experts, as well as other golf course managers, often provides some of the key new tips, tricks, and techniques which we will incorporate into our operation next year. 
Endophytes in Fine Fescues--exciting stuff for some of us!

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