Friday, November 29, 2013

Weevil Update

In the beginning of November, two entomologists from Rutgers visited several golf courses, including Laurel Creek, to collect over-wintering Annual Bluegrass Weevils.  The purpose of their research was to determine the level of resistance these insects have to a commonly used class of insecticide.

While the researchers didn't gather as many weevils here as they would have liked, they did head back to the lab with enough adults to test.  Unfortunately, the results of their testing confirmed resistance. 

What this implies is that we now have one less tool in the toolbox to use in the war on weevils.  A good deal of time and effort during the winter is spent in reviewing the prior year's agronomic plan, and making adjustments for the upcoming year.  Clearly, reevaluating available control options for the weevil, and developing a new strategy for the 2014 season will be included in this process.
At 1/8" in length, it's hard to believe that the larva of ABW can cause so much damage to turf.

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