Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tee Irrigation Project Review

The tee irrigation project which started in 2011 has been a great success.  Previously, the sprinklers used to water tees were high volume, and spaced 80 feet apart, leading to a lot of unnecessary watering of the Fescue.  These have been replaced by sprinklers which use about 70% less water and are spaced only 40-45 feet apart.  The result is much more precise irrigation capability, and a significant reduction in water use.
Closely spaced, low volume sprinklers, accurately deliver water to the teeing ground.
For example, during an irrigation cycle where the average run time for each sprinkler is 24 minutes, we are using approximately 3,000 gallons less water per set of tees--that's over 50,000 gallons less for the entire course.

In addition to water savings, the new design has greatly reduced the need for hand watering tees, freeing up employees to focus on other areas of the course.

Due to varying micro-climates, there's still some fine tuning to be done with arc adjustments and run times, but the new sprinklers are proving to be a great improvement over the original design.

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