Friday, August 9, 2013

Fescue Trial

As you play #8, you'll see a section of Fescue that's been mown closely and is now roped off.  For those who often find themselves spending time looking for a ball in this area, the bad news is that this won't stay short forever.  So, what's going on?
Excess organic matter is raked up and removed from #8.
This location is being used as a trial area for a different variety of Fescue.  In a few weeks, this small patch of Fescue is going to be reseeded using a variety of Hard Fescue known as  Aurora Gold.  Prior to seeding, we will make multiple applications of Roundup to make sure we are starting with a weed free area.

The goal is to establish Fescue that meets the goals of being penal, while still allowing a ball to be found and advanced.

A dye is added to the Roundup so we can see that there is thorough coverage.

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