Friday, July 12, 2013

Poa in the Summer Sun

As discussed in the previous post, saturated conditions and heat are not a good combination for turf roots.  And, when you're talking about a plant like Poa Annua, which is known for having a very short root system, last week's weather really stressed this turf on several of the greens. 

We had absolutely soaked conditions on Thursday, July 4, and for the most part, there was still plenty of moisture in the ground over the weekend.  However, with sand-based greens, the upper few inches can dry down relatively quickly, and having moisture a few inches below the surface doesn't help a plant like Poa, whose roots may only extend an inch or two.  The end result is a need to keep the upper region of the soil profile moist in order for the Poa to survive the heat of the summer.

You might say that Poa suffers from the Goldilocks syndrome.  Too wet or too dry won't make the grade, and when you're mowing at 0.10", it's often just a razor thin line between the two with this picky plant.
Primarily Poa greens, such as #17, often need to be nursed through the summer heat.

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