Friday, June 14, 2013

Back to Bunkers

Since the completion of #7 bunker we had a few minor storms, but not a real "gully washer."  However, there is almost a sure-fire way to produce some heavy rains:  Member-Guest weekend. 

Yes, the Member-Guest arrived, and along with it, so did the rains.  We totaled 3.50" from the storm on Friday, another 2.20" this past Monday, and 1.20" on Thursday.  That's just under 7" of rain in less than one week. 

Words can't fully describe the condition of the bunkers after each of these storms, so we'll let the images speak for themselves. 

The washouts on these bunkers on #9 were typical.
A plow was needed to push sand back in place on almost every bunker.

Thor was the only one enjoying the second bunker pumping of the week.

#7 was a different story, as hardly a grain of sand moved.


Yes, the bunker on #7 was the one bright spot amidst the mess.  The porous asphalt base both drained well, and held the sand in place.  With no pumping, plowing, or extra hand raking required, this was a huge labor saver.

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