Friday, May 10, 2013

Yet More Bunker News

Last week was supposed to be the final post discussing bunkers, but we had heavy showers on both Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  So, what does a rainstorm have to do with bunkers, you ask?

Well, as previously mentioned, one of the benefits of the porous asphalt we used to line #7's bunker, is that the coarse texture of the asphalt helps to keep the sand from moving during heavy rains.  Thursday morning, everyone was asking, "How did #7 hold up?"

In a word, the answer is great!  An inspection of the bunker following Thursday morning's storm revealed no sand movement at all.  Granted, we had one inch of rain between Wednesday and Thursday morning, not a true "gully washer."  But are the results good thus far?  Definitely.
It looks so good, you almost want to land in it...well, almost.

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