Friday, April 19, 2013

#7 Bunker...Part Two

Two weeks ago we discussed the re-building of the bunker on #7.  At that time, the prep work of removing old sand, grading, and drainage was well underway.  So far, this sounds like a pretty ordinary project, right?
Well, things quickly changed this week as we began to install asphalt in the bunker.  Yes, we are using porous asphalt as a liner in the base of the bunker.  This innovative idea, referred to as the Matrix Bunker System, was developed by Dan Meersman, the Director of Grounds at Philadelphia Cricket Club.

The asphalt remains porous because it contains fewer small particles, and is not compacted with a heavy roller.  Once it cools, water will flow freely to the drain lines.  And there's little doubt that the asphalt will provide a great barrier against contamination from rocks below.

No,this isn't the overflow parking for Club events.  However, the site of asphalt in the bunker surprised both golfers and motorists this week.

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