Friday, March 8, 2013

A Better Type of Sod

The Clubhouse grounds were originally sodded to Kentucky Bluegrass.  Unfortunately, this turf is susceptible to Summer Patch disease, and perennially fungicide treatments are necessary.  In an effort to improve conditions, we have replaced some of the Bluegrass sod in front of the Clubhouse with Tall Fescue sod.

Why switch to Tall Fescue?  Years ago, Tall Fescue was known as a clumpy, coarse-leafed grass that wasn't aesthetically pleasing.  However, times have changed, and today's improved varieties of Tall Fescue look great and have many advantages over Bluegrass sod:
  • Better traffic tolerance
  • Better resistance to drought stress
  • Not susceptible to diseases and insects that attack Bluegrass
  • Sod is stripped surrounding the Bentgrass in front of the Clubhouse.
Tall Fescue sod does a great job of framing the Bentgrass.

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