Friday, February 8, 2013

More Winter Work

Another task that you might not give much thought to is the maintenance of the golf course ballwashers.  Every winter they are brought in, cleaned and upgraded.

Annually, the agitators and brushes are checked, and replaced as needed.  As you can see in the picture, we have also transitioned most of the ballwashers from metal trash receptacles to plastic, and have attached spike brushes to several of them as well.

While touch up paint is applied by the maintenance staff each year, we have the entire ballwasher stripped and re-painted professionally every three years.  For a very reasonable price, an autobody shop will have one of their trainees sandblast the ballwashers, and apply new paint and sealer to the ballwashers.

While the golf course staff is skilled in many areas, few courses are setup to properly perform this kind of work.  From our experience this is a situation when we let a professional do the job.  Someone who does this daily and has the right equipment, can get it knocked out quickly, efficiently, with great results, and at a low cost.

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